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Unfortunately, only California residents who are lawfully present in the U.S. can obtain an official state ID. This means you need federally issued documents proving your immigration status. The DMV will accept any of the following U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services documents as proof:[3457]2 - part Antibody Id Cases Basic Youtube

Permanent Resident/Resident Alien card.

Temporary Resident ID card.

Valid foreign passport with valid Record of Arrival/Departure (Form I-94).

Employment Authorization Document (EAD) I-766 card.

Valid foreign passport stamped "Processed for I-551."

Maker Card New Id Mexico Maker Card New Id Mexico Permanent Resident Re-entry Permit.

Maker Card New Id Mexico Refugee Travel Document.

Immigration judge’s order granting asylum

Valid I-94 stamped "REFUGEE", "PAROLE" or  "PAROLEE", "ASYLEE", "HP", "PIP", Section(s) 207, 208, 209,  or 212d(2).

Valid I-94 with attached photo stamped "Temporary evidence of lawful admission for permanent residence."

  1. Maker Card New Id Mexico 3457

    CA DMV, “FFDL 6 Requirements for a California Identification Card,” available at

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