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Hello people.  Delaware alcohol laws permit adults 19 years or older to serve alcohol for on-premises drinking. They must be at lest 21 to tend bar. The same for selling alcohol for drinking off-site.
It’s legal in Delaware for persons of any age under 21 to drink alcohol with “members of the same family.” But one of these members must provide the alcohol. And the person under 21 must drink it in the “private home of any of said members.” The law does not define “family.” Nor does the law state a minimum age of those members.
There is no Delaware state law that specifically prohibits anyone under age 21 from buying alcohol. But it prohibits ‘obtaining’ alcohol by making a false statement. It is illegal to sell alcohol to anyone under age 21.
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Delaware alcohol laws prohibit anyone, including adults, under age 21 from buying alcohol. It is also illegal for them to use false ID to buy or attempt to buy alcohol. The penalty is a fine of $500 or 30 days in imprisonment.
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Now let’s go straight to business. Fake IDs. I happen to have a lot of bouncer friends. The worst fakes, they say, reflect basic amateurism, mindless mistakes or simple stupidity.
The poor quality of some attempted forgeries often irritates the experienced bouncer. A friend of mine touched one ID and the ink came off. It was probably made it in the cellar five minutes before.
My bouncer friends say they have a number of ways of telling what’ legit and what’s not. Here are some of the telltale signs of a fake ID that you should read carefully and keep them in mind:
1. The underage people with fake IDs usually go first in a crowd of customers.
2. Some bouncers are certain that an ID is fake if the student doesn’t look directly at the doorman or refuses to argue.
3. Doormen are suspicious of students presenting an ID with their finger over the photo.
4. A crowd of underage drinkers may gather together before meeting the bouncer to discuss strategy.
5. Doormen never accept the fake IDs found in the back pages of magazines.
6. Nervous hands or laughter can alert the bouncer.
7. Bouncers usually do not accept state IDs without the state seals printed on them.
With these few pointers, you people might avoid some of the sillier and more embarrassing mistakes of fake IDs.
By the way, do you know where to get the best fake ID? Check this website out IDHurry. I have shown a fake to my bouncer friends and ha-ha-ha, they haven’t recognized the fraud.
So let’s say you have purchased your new fake ID and hopefully you used your real name. Here are some more tips for you. The single most important factor to accompany your fake ID is your confidence. The first few times you show your fake you may be nervous, then just like showing your real ID it will become routine.
It should go without saying, but memorize the information on your fake.
Know the area, if you are using an out of state fake and never resided near the address on your fake, take the time to Google the area to know the schools you would have attended and a few local places you would have frequented like a mall or big attraction, such as a stadium, amusement park, etc. Bartenders and waitresses survive on tips, so if they have something in common with a patron, such as sharing a location they think you both have resided in, that is their “in” to make small talk and hopefully increase their tip.
Knowing the basics about the area your license shows you are from is important, and you can now see why you should know them.
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Most bouncers work for low level pay. To think they have memorized every state license security details is laughable. It is reasonable to assume they might not even know all the security features for the state license they are currently in. Most bouncers receive little to no training on detecting a fake id. They are provided, at best, a scanner or black light when hired, and off they go.
Remember you are using a fake ID, the LAST thing you want is to find yourself in a situation where the police are summoned. While possession of a fake id is illegal, most of the time, if caught, the punishment is from nothing to a warning or minimal fine.
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Just play it safe and have a good time, do not let the alcohol or some drunk fool get you into a problem. You will then enjoy many nights out with your fake ID!

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